Portfolio Bond for QROPS

Portfolio Bond for QROPS

Provided your QROPS pension transfer value exceeds £ 75,000 you will have the option of selecting an offshore portfolio bond to hold your investments. This is a cost effective method for your financial advisor to buy a wide variety of investments in order to help your pension pot grow, hence providing you with the best possible income.

The portfolio schemes are provided by leading life companies including Royal Skandia, Friends Provident and Generali International, each with differing opening limits and fee structures they all do pretty much the same job, they provide an empty warehouse for you to place your pension pot, after that it's down to you and your financial advisor to decide on what to purchase.The trustees will ultimately have the final say on the funds selected but provided you select recognised managers and keep within sensible risk criteria there is usually no problem.

If you have above 100k then you can elect to open the portfolio bond and have some monies in direct funds and the rest diverted to oyster bay- in this way you broaden your market opportunities without incurring large fees- just 100 euro a year to maintain this element and you get all the research tools and the exclusive funds too.

For pension values of less than £ 75,000 your financial advisor will be able to invest 100% into the Oyster Bay fund platform in order to meet your growth requirements, while keeping costs at an absolute minimum

The next step should be to have a preliminary discussion with a QROPS specialist or contact us and we will connect you.