Estate Planning With Trusts

Estate Planning With Trusts

Generation Planning With Trusts

Trusts have an important part to play in estate planning since they allow you to protect assets in the event of your death.

Examples of their benefits include:
Prevent litigation or other third-party claims
give you a choice as to who inherits what, and when.
They can guard against dissipation or divorce.
They avoid probate, sparing long and expensive delays
They can reduce or eliminate Inheritance tax liabilities
They can enable the shareholding in a family business or other assets to be held intact for many generations.

In summary, trusts offer flexibility, confidentiality, control and protection.

We can help you put in place structures that address your future ambitions and goals as well as your current needs.

Our most popular structures include an offshore portfolio bond that is wrapped in trust, from there we can actively manage or let you manage the assets contained.
Oyster Bay has teamed up with several financial advisers that will prepare these structures at a discounted rate and will help you find the right solution to meet your requirements.