Portfolio Bonds

A portfolio bond is an open architecture scheme that combines an insurance contract and a bank account, through this an investor can invest in many different investment instruments provided the instrument’s value can be quantified.

The investor becomes a client of the insurance company and can either take control of the ongoing investment of his money or use the services of an investment or fund manager from the bank or use the services of his financial brokerage for the ongoing investment of his funds.
You can for example set up a portfolio bond and invest say half of your monies in stocks, shares, etf and some mutual funds and select Oyster Bay for the other half whereupon the entire 5600 funds are available for you
The personal privacy afforded the investor from an offshore portfolio bond can be doubled by careful selection of the offshore jurisdiction in which the insurance company is based.  The primary level of protection comes from the fact that the underlying bank account is held in the name of the insurance company.  The secondary level can come if the investor selects an insurance company based in an offshore jurisdiction where it is strictly prohibited for insurance companies to divulge any client information - for example Lichtenstein.
These structures offer excellent value, in return for annual running cost the investor is given access to global markets at discounted rates-in many cases zero spread on the fund purchased or sold, furthermore they are entirely flexible .This means that an investor can carefully diversify his portfolio through investment across various asset classes from the single simple structure of his portfolio bond.
The inclusion of a life insurance policy into the structure means that an investor’s next of kin or key business partners are afforded financial protection in the event of insured’s death.
When it comes to inheritance tax planning an offshore portfolio bond combined with a trust structure can prove highly beneficial for legal Inheritance tax avoidance

Generation Planning With Trusts
Protect your family estate using a portfolio bond that is held in trust. Numberous benefits become available and it is a simple process to set up.

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Pension Transfer Investment Account
After transferring your UK pension offshore the portfolio bond is the perfect holding vehicle, from here the global markets are available subject to trustee approval

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