Oyster Bay Research Facilities

Oyster Bay Research Facilities

When it comes to selecting funds we have teamed up with the global leaders in fund information.

Almost all of the 7,200 funds provided by Oyster Bay Management Ltd are supported by Morningstar data. 

Morningstar is established as a global leading Independent Investment Research provider. With operations in 16 countries, Morningstar currently tracks more than 100,000 worldwide investment vehicles everyday. 

5.2 million individual customers worldwide
1,700 institutions worldwide
Recently acquired Standard and Poors fund data base business consisting data and products covering more than 135,000 managed investment vehicles.
Morningstar provides Oyster Bay Management Ltd with a daily data feed supplying more than 2 million pieces of data for our fund range. 

Why is independent benchmarked information important?
As Morningstar information is independent all product bias has been removed to a particular fund, investment sector, currency, investment type etc. 

This allows both Advisors and Clients to compare fund data consistently across the board with the peace of mind that the data will be true to the performance of the fund and its peers.

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