Oyster Bay Portfolio Ideas

Oyster Bay Portfolio Ideas

You have decided to invest but you really don’t have the urge or desire to be involved in making detailed, complex decisions on a regular basis

Oyster Bay have a range of starter investment portfolios to offer – each with specific objectives in mind, be it growth or income or a combination, each reflecting a certain approach to risk.

Investing need not be daunting, leave the experts to consider the asset allocation, the geographic exposure and investment concentration.
You simply decide which portfolio suits your risk profile and then buy the mix of funds suggested, if you want even more assistance you can elect your own IFA to manager the account or delegate discretion to our experienced team of Investment Managers. This releases you from the need to constantly review your investment portfolio but you can see the valuations anytime via your secure Log-in.

Assuming you have used the risk profile tool or spoken with your own adviser the next step is to actually invest. We have a selection of managed portfolios based upon your time frame, your income needs and your attitude to risk.

Please be aware that each time your portfolio is changed you will be subject to the fund purchase fee -capped at 1% plus ticket charge.

Warning as with any investment the value of your holdings can fall as well as rise.