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About Oysterbay Fund Management

Risk Analysis Profiler


The following series of questions are designed to develop a better understanding of your tolerance for investment risk.

Understanding your tolerance for investment risk relative to your investment return expectations is an important first step in designing a portfolio.

The answers you select will indicate your comfort level with investment risk and your ability to withstand it. Please carefully consider each question and select the answer that most closely fits your current situation.

Instructions for completing this form

There are 15 questions in total, 3 questions per page,Please check the box next to each appropriate answer.

After completion the result of your profile will be analyised and you wil see the investment objective that is consistent with your responses.

Risk Tolerance Profile

Before you start the profiler,please indicate what kind of investor you think you are-at the end you will see if your answers reflect this.

Cautious Moderately Cautious Balanced Assertive Aggressive