Latest Structured Notes

Latest Structured Notes

The latest notes and those recently closed to new business are shown within your logged in area.

Our range of structured notes uses leading banks offering a variety of structures.


We specialise in offering notes that have best chance of not breaching protection barriers. With this in mind we suggest using vanilla style index trackers with European barriers that have a maturity date of 5 or 6 years to ensure any short term market changes do not reflect badly on returns to investors. Several notes will do all the above and offer an early maturity when all conditions are reached.
Other notes available can include:
Capital Protected Notes
Quarterly Income
Income Autocallable
Semi Annual Autocallable
Annual Autocallabe
Phoenix Notes
Phoenix Autocallable Notes
Offshore Structured Notes
Safe Haven Indeces Notes
Global Index Phoenix Notes
BRIC Defensive Phoenix Notes
Blue Chip Select Phoenix Notes
FTSE 100 Protected Notes
Fixed Income Notes

Each offering has a full fact sheet- if you require assistance please contact your IFA or contact us directly.

We apologise if the full details are not shown on this page anymore but for compliance reasons they will be made available via your broker or via your secure login.

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