Generate Retirement Income

Generate Retirement Income

The hardest part for most people is in trying to work out how much capital they will need to have built up that will provide a comfortable retirement income. There are so many variables and frankly many people just pluck a figure from the sky and hope for the best.


Our advice is quite simple, it is better to air on the side of having too much cash than not enough cash-save as much as you can when you can to build up your next egg.


Things to bear in mind: Whilst working most of us look forward to the weekend and the annual holidays-why? because its fun and its different. And its also the most expensive time for you since all this leisure activity costs money. Imagine you are now fast forwarded and today is your first day of retirement, now every day is a weekend and the outgoing costs to enjoy this retriemnt lifestyle will be higher than when working simply because you have more time to do the things you enjoy, this could be weekend breaks, visits to fine resturants,golfing, exotic holidays, visits to famiy members overseas


You need to build a capital base that allows you to have an income for life, this is done by drawing down from the pot enough to live on but allowing the pot size to stay the same by investment growth.As a guide if you draw from you pot 5% per year its quite likely that over time your pot size will remain intact, yes there will be future global problmes that will affect markets short term but overall a 5%  yield is not so difficult to acheive.


Oyster Bay fund platform can provide you with investments that protect your principle and also give you an income. Just like with motor cars there are many different makes and models, they all get you there but in a different way, some are sensible and easy to maintain others are flash and expensive to run. The types of investment will vary too, some will protect capital 50%, others will protect 100%, some offer a fixed income, others offer income if a certain index behaves in a certain manor.


Oyster Bay is like a car supermarket, we dont mind which car you buy so long as you buy one! We will show you the different income funds and  when you see the one that suits your criteria you can then select accordingly.


Please note that in addition to an element of income generating products we would suggest you have some of your capital in safe easy to access cash deposits plus another part of your capital in blue chip makrets that have historically outpaced inflation.


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