Boost Your Pension Pot


Building up retirement savings is vital if you want to have a comfortable living that will last your lifetime. In retirement leisure activities and holidays will be a key expense that is necessary to ensure a better retirement; these will need to be funded from the pension pot accumulated.
So take action now, make appropriate changes to your investment portfolio and boost your pension pot, always remembering that the closer you get to retirement the greater the need to preserve your savings. 
Consider transferring all your saving pots into one vehicle that gives you flexibility and freedom plus access to funds that can outpace inflation, Oyster Bay platform offers a huge array of funds with the ability to change just a mouse click away.
Have you checked your current pension provisions?  It is estimated that actual pension pots are running around 50% of where they need to be, many people are simply unaware of what is needed to fund retirement or have stuck their heads in the sand and are hoping it will all come right in the end.  Since governments are cutting back on state pension provision the only way to get this cash pot is by saving from income or having a windfall via lottery or through inheritance.  Assuming you are not privy to the latter it’s down to you to ensure you and the family can look forward to a comfortable retirement
Your financial adviser should be able to guide you on pension needs by taking into account your age, the number of years before you retire, the amount each month you need to have as income and what capital and pension provisions you have in place. Any shortfalls will be clear to see and you should quickly enhance your savings to close the gap!
The capital you have should be targeted to achieve returns above the rate of inflation, whether they are in property or pension funds or directly in stock and funds the mix will need to be tweaked to allow cash flow for pension needs, take care that non liquid assets (property) can maintain rental income or consider selling prior to retirement.

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