Oyster Bay Managed Portfolios

Oyster Bay Managed Portfolios

By choosing an Oyster Bay Portfolio all the hard work in choosing funds and building your portfolio is done for you. We have a specialist team dedicated to selecting outstanding investment managers, we can offer you access to investment strategies including structured notes and  fund managers not usually available to personal investors.

By looking at your objectives and your attitude to risk, we can help you decide what sort of investor you are - cautious, balanced or adventurous - and whether you want growth, income, or a mix of both.

Please use our risk analyliser to see what level of investor you are, after viewing the results you should then communicate with your financial adviser or one of our team to clarify any points or add any further comments.


Our portfolios cover all investment needs, from cautious income to adventurous growth, and each one contains a different mix of equities, bonds, property, cash and alternative assets.

Please note that as with all investments the value of the oyster bay portfolios can fall as well as rise.