Oyster Bay Actively Managed Accounts

Oyster Bay Actively Managed Accounts

Oyster Bay lets your own financial adviser manage your account. We can provide the information to help them make informed investment decisions not usually available to online investors.

Before you invest with us, we'll help you and your adviser choose the right strategy. We'll look at how you see risk, what you want to achieve, and then help you decide what type of investor you are - cautious, balanced or adventurous. You do this in two ways, firstly we have a risk profiler which enables you to do a self test, the results will indicate your likely investment position. Secondly we ask you or your adviser to contact us with any further key points we should be aware of, anything thats going to affect your investment time frame and withdrawal.

Once we've collated this information we can help you design a portfolio that delivers growth, income, or a mixture of both. Whatever type of investor you consider yourself to be, we aim to deliver the best possible returns in line with the degree of risk with which you are comfortable.

This service has the added benefit that once running enables you to take a back seat and just look at valauaitons online to check progress. The buying and selling aspects are taken care of by your financial adviser.

As with all investments the value of the multi-manager funds can fall as well as rise.